About Us

Silverspoon Day Care, Nursery and Primary school was founded in 1996 as Day Care Centre first and later on added Nursery and Primary sections.The school provides quality education services and because of its good reputation, it has now grown to one of the classified prominent schools in the city and country wide.


The school is a mult-racial and multi-denominiational community. We have children coming from kenya, Tanzania, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, South Africa and Britain. These children Harmaniously interact with Ugandans in our school enviroment. We use child centred and result oriented approach which makes the school stand out far different from many other schools in the country. Slow learners benefit from this approach.

Vision and mission

Our vision is to provide a wholesome education to learners focusing on their individuality and equipping them with skills that enable them to be self-sustaining, responsible citizens.


To equip all learners with all round knowledge and skills in a conducive learning environment with competent dedicated and motivated staff which will enable them compete successfully.


Hard work                               Integrity                                  

Tolerance                                 Team work

Loyalty                                    Responsibility


Silver Spoon School has several staff who impart knowledge, values and virtues into pupils so that they grow into God fearing and responsible citizens. The world needs women and men who can stand up and defend what is right and speak the truth without expecting bribes and favours.

The staff also teaches pupils to have high self-esteem as to be confident and confidence in order to grow into self-reliant citizens.

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